HomePod manufacturing costs around $ 216, which gives Apple a pretty tight margin

While iFixit specializes in taking apart Apple products to show us how they are built and what components we have inside, firms like TechInsights use this information to estimate the cost of manufacturing such products.

And that's what she just did with the HomePod, which is quite surprising: according to your analysis, the cost of manufacturing Apple's smart speaker $ 216Which gives the company a fairly tight margin over the pattern we see on other lines and even lower than competitors like Google and Amazon.

HomePod Inside (Apple official image)

The tweeters, woofer, microphones, outside source and management system cost about $ 58. J the A8 chip comes out for $ 25.50, while the top OLED light system, along with some other components, is for $ 60. These are just some of the values ​​that make up the total.

In addition to being a mere estimate made by TechInsights, it is always worth remembering that we are talking about the gross manufacturing cost of the product. They do not come into this account for a number of other important points such as investment in research & development, software, freight, insurance, the entire operational chain of the company and so on.

Just to give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about with the "tight margin", a recent estimate put the cost of the 64GB iPhone 8 at $ 247.51, just slightly above that of HomePod; but it sells for $ 699, while the speaker comes out for $ 349 in the United States and has, by the way, infinitely higher volume and weight. Another reference: when launched in 2015, the 38mm Apple Watch Sport cost Ma less than $ 84 and sold for the same $ 349 as HomePod.

Without a doubt, it is a new price strategy for Apple.

via Bloomberg