HomePod hasn’t even hit the market yet, but they’re already wondering what the next one (s) will be like.

We have talked a lot about HomePod in the last few days, obviously, because it will hit the market in exactly a week – and we will be there in the United States (thanks to Go Imports) to get our hands on the new product and bring them all the details.

But there are impatient people out there. And I do not say “impatient” in the sense of madly wanting February 9 to come, but rather to imagine what the next HomePod (s) will be like.

Because that’s what the designer did Martin Hajek, specialized in renders 3D renderings of Apple products.

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Hajek did not give his ideas much detail in text, so we can only capture a few from the images themselves.

But there in the middle we see what he called “HomePod 2”, direct successor to the current one, and on both sides, two new possible members of the line: one “HomePod Express”, about the size of a soda can, and a “HomePod +”, a version twice the size that was, in my opinion, horrendous.

HomePod 2 concept by Martin Hajek

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Just yesterday I was clarifying, in the comments of some post here on the site, that the HomePod does not have an internal battery. It is a smart speaker, designed to stay 24/7 in standby, connected to the Wi-Fi network and waiting for user voice commands. So it needs to be plugged in.

The idea of ​​a bigger and more powerful model makes sense and I believe in it, I just don’t see Apple adding a 3.5mm jack (that’s it, guys, the future is wireless!) And I laughed at the Ethernet port he played there. But the top surface works as a charging base for the iPhone until it’s cool.

The “HomePod Express”, on the other hand, would be a mix of HomePod with iPod, including a “string” for you to take it around on your arm. A product in this category deserves, of course, also to be waterproof (or at least very resistant).

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