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HomePod gets his tongue on his teeth again, bringing details about the iPhone 8 screen (and about himself)

Apple's hypothetical international community of expert websites can already give the HomePod This is because the files contained in the accidentally leaked firmware of the upcoming smart speaker have already “confirmed” several aspects not only about their own system and hardware, but also various details of the upcoming “ iPhone 8 ”.

And if you think the avalanche of information had stopped there, you're very much mistaken. Developer Steven Troughton-Smith, who is constantly scrutinizing the HomePod system code for new information, has already made new discoveries about Apple's next smartphone or, more specifically, its screen.

There is little information in the system suggesting that the next iPhone will have a 3x screen running at 1125 × 2436 (pixels). It's hard to say what that means to developers.

According to the files, the “iPhone 8” brings a 5.15 inch screen with resolution of 2436 × 1125 pixels, which corresponds to a much higher density of 521 pixels per inch, for example, from the iPhone 7 Plus, which has a 5.5-inch screen with lower resolution. This finding fits with the forecast made by analyst Ming Chi-Kuo in February, ie the pieces fit together.

But not only that: this 5.15 inch screen only refers to the main area of ​​the next iPhone panel. In addition to it, there would be a kind of "second screen", something like function area, occupying the lower part of the device, where today is the home button. This screen would appear to integrate system usage functions (such as Incio's own button and, with a bit of luck, the Touch ID), and putting both displays together, the iPhone 8 would have a 5-inch panel. .8 inches. It is not yet known if this second screen would be a physically different component or if this division would be done only by software but this, of course, we will soon discover.

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In addition to information about the iPhone, HomePod software is also trying to reveal a lot of information about the smart speaker itself. Developer Avery Magnotti discovered, for example, that the device has a screen (or more specifically, an array of LEDs) of 340 × 272 pixels at the top, used to show Siri colors and control aspects such as volume by touch.

In addition, it has already been found that the speaker has 1GB RAM to complement the processes of your A8 chip, making it basically an iPhone 6 inside a speaker body (since, as we all know, HomePod runs full iOS).

What other discoveries will Apple's failure bring to us in the coming days? Let's stay tuned.

via AppleInsider, MacRumors