HomePod Delegations, Part IV: “Flexible” Home Button and Status Bar Organization (Bonus: One More Video!)

HomePod Delegations, Part IV: “Flexible” Home Button and Status Bar Organization (Bonus: One More Video!)

We have been around for 24 hours not to mention the news discovered in the leaked HomePod firmware; our 24 hour record. Did they miss you? Because it feels like there is more to the order this time around, everything related to the two most mysterious points of the iOS interface on “IPhone 8”: the cutout at the top of the screen and the mysterious bar at the bottom that house the virtual home button. Let's take a look and conjecture about the possibilities together.

First, the developer Steve Troughton-Smith discovered some lines of code related iOS status bar:

These are the measurements used on the iPhone's status bar with end-to-end display, including clipping height and “ear” width. Designers, have fun.

The raw and pure numbers, I believe, will not mean much to anyone who does not deeply manipulate the design area, so the Twitter user @charavel tried to take that data and make a mockup what the layout of the elements in the top bar of the iPhone 8 will look like:

I thank @charavel for a quick mockup taking into account the above numbers. So I imagine that will be the usable space at the top of the iPhone 8 screen.

The image, of course, merely illustrative may be that Apple chooses to place completely different information on the upper portion of the screen, but undeniably the design of the pro has the pedigree from iOS. Two questions, however, remain: what happens to the names of carriers larger than this and, of course, where to stay the blessed watch (I think I'll never tire of asking that).

Moving to the bottom of the screen, we have some more interesting findings:

We know some facts about the Home button area on the iPhone 8:

  • It resizes itself
  • She can hide
  • There is no API to change your color.
  • Function bars extend to it

TS claims to have found evidence for this information through various APIs scattered around the HomePod firmware, and adds: Apparently, this lower portion of the phone "integrates" with the current function bar (where are utilitarian buttons such as sharing and favorites, Safari), and can be expanded or retracted as needed. When displaying a video in full screen, for example, the bar would be completely hidden, said the developer.

I find it harmonious. And you?

· • ·

To finish the night with a little taste of the “iPhone 8”, the YouTuber Danny Winget posted * one more * video with dummies this time by comparing the likely three colors that will be released.

Let's see:

The most interesting thing here is to take a deeper look at the unity of the new color, for now called “golden copper” (“Copper gold”). Disregarding the white front edges, which apparently will not make it to the end products (all of them must have, if Apple still has a little common sense, the whole black and unbroken front), I had a positive impression of the color , unlike Winget. Just take off, of course, the chrome sides.

Incidentally, specifically speaking of these chrome sides present in the three prototypes: if this is real, the ugliest thing that Apple has ever done for an iPhone since this here. And look at the cover, at least, you could take and throw in the trash, burn or anything. I really hope this is just a feature of dummies.

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