HomeKit Secure Video Interface Unveiled by iPad at Apple Store

HomeKit Secure Video Interface Unveiled by iPad at Apple Store

We already talked about the HomeKit Secure Video, Apple's new home automation platform feature that will debut in some future version of iOS 13 Ma promises it sometime later this year, but has not yet specified a date.

We know that the feature allows you to connect security cameras HomeKit and have your footage saved and encrypted in your HomeKit plan iCloud which should be at least 200GB. What we had not yet seen was a preview of the tool interface so far.

As noted by HomeKit Hero, the YouTube user Zachary Truskowski posted a video with the feature (or at least a demonstration of it) working. The most curious thing is how the content was obtained: apparently, the demo was rolling on an iPad at an unspecified Apple store. See s:

As you can see, the tool has an interface designed so that you can easily navigate between the main events captured by your security cameras. A timeline indicates the times of day when movement was detected in the scene so that you can reach these moments more easily; right the button Live Allows you to skip directly to the live stream of that camera.

HomeKit Secure Video settings allow you to name each camera connected tool, save certain devices to your favorites, and attach accessories to camcorders, if any. You can, of course, easily switch between your multiple cameras (if you have more than one, this is).

As we have already commented, some manufacturers like Netatmo, a Logitech and the eufy launch security cameras compatible with HomeKit Secure Video in the coming months; They are probably just waiting for the feature release to make their announcements, inclusive.

Cool, isn't it?

via 9to5Mac