HomeKit may act as a normal remote control for Smart TVs

We commented here recently a preview of what the HomeKit for TVs I would be able to do it, but now developer Khaos Tian has a much more revealing demonstration for us. He made a little hack on the app Home (Home) from iOS 12.2 beta (one of the first to bring TV support to HomeKit), simulating a protocol-compliant TV and showing what integration can do.

Support for TVs in the Home app still pretty basic looks like we only have power and power support input, Per hour.

That was the first tweet published by Tian, ​​highlighting the basic features of the integration: it is possible, in addition to turning the TV on or off, to switch its content sources, including renaming each input to the connected device you can name the input HDMI 1 as "Apple TV", for example. .

The developer then went beyond: he used the proxy Openbridge code to establish a connection between HomeKit and your LG Smart TV running webOS. So, surprise: the remote control widget (which normally used to control Apple TV) was able to control the TV interface perfectly.

Very cool that the LG API can be mapped basically toe-to-toe with HomeKit.

And d to exchange the input!

Tian also celebrated the fact that the scene you create on HomeKit to watch movies (in his case, called Movie Time) can soon turn on your TV and put it on input correct while turning off the lights and making any other adjustments necessary for you to enjoy the movie night.

Finally, the Movie Time Now you can turn on the TV and put it in the right source!

Very cool, isn't it? The question now is how manufacturers will behave about all this and which ones will bring HomeKit support into existing models anyway, no one will switch TV * just * for that, I believe.

via AppleInsider