Homefront, a game that is still worthwhile [18+]

Game Review: Homefront, um jogo que ainda vale a pena [18+]

Straight from the time tunnel, see the review of HomeFront, 2011 shooting game from the defunct THQ!

Hi guys, we are back for another not so technical analysis. =)

Then you think “here comes the mine with a little girl game, like Fruffy, the cute pony ”1. Hmm…

The game chosen was HomeFront. It is a 2011 shooting game, but I only had the opportunity to play in early 2013. I bought it on a promotion, due to the bankruptcy of THQ, and I don’t regret it. I really enjoyed the game. It is available for PRAÇA, Xbox 360 and PS3 and can be played single or multiplayer.

Homefront - THQ / Kaos Studios

Um… little girl game, huh?


In the not-so-distant future the United States was invaded by North Korea. Then you ask me “I dont care? ” You see, in addition to the globalization factor … you are Jacob, an American pilot who has just been arrested by Korean soldiers. They take you for a bus ride and at the beginning of the game, from the bus window, you see brutality, executions, bodies piled up, parents being executed in front of their young son… Anyway, the beginning of the game is the most violent, there is blood on your window! Then you tell me: “ok, proceed ”. Well, luckily you will be rescued by the resistance. So, now you are the resistance and you have to save the world, I mean, now you have to save the United States. “Only that? It didn’t convince me! I’ve seen it before… ” Okay, but stay with me, let’s see a little more of the game.


Homefront - THQ Kaos Studios


In my humble opinion it had a lot of history. There is a lot of dialogue during the game and throughout the game you collect records from newspapers with pieces of history. I liked the idea (and the two achievements it yields).


It’s complicated here. It’s a game from 2011, played in 2013 and the post edited in 2015 … The graphics are good, but obviously they are no longer supreme for our degree of demand. Some prints for you guys:

Game Review: Homefront, a game that is still worthwhile [18+]

Game Review: Homefront, a game that is still worthwhile [18+]

Game Review: Homefront, a game that is still worthwhile [18+]

But I still like the graphics ^ – ^


As I already told you, I’m cross-eyed and too uncoordinated to play with any analog game shooting game, so I played with the keyboard and my super mouse. And I found the gameplay very good, very easy.

And the multiplayer? Good, young guerrilla, the little that I managed to play did not like.

Game Review: Homefront, a game that is still worthwhile [18+]

The fact that the game is a little old also contributes to empty servers: ‘(.


Game Review: Homefront, a game that is still worthwhile [18+]There are four levels of difficulty to choose from, easy, normal, difficult and guerrilla. As I was thinking I was the cherry of the sundae and I wanted to unlock more achievements at once, I just started right away in guerrilla mode. I think it took me 14 hours to reset (yes, I’m not a professional). In short, if I do it it is because the game is not very difficult. But it will be at least 10 hours of fun for you, expert. Outside the multiplayer …


I started this analysis by saying:

In general terms it is not exactly bad. But nothing that stands out. It didn’t come with an excellent soundtrack. Listen to some of the game’s music by clicking on the video below. This beginning of this song reminds me of some other game. Beginning of Combat Arms?

But then I did some research and found it here:

Hell, I had to swallow the keys, right?

Producers and Publisher

It is a game developed by Kaos Studios, Digital Extremes and THQ. Well… as most people know, THQ went bankrupt. Those who have played Company of Heroes, Saints Row, Darksiders, STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl among others already know the work of THQ.

Strengths: Gameplay, soundtrack, story

Negative points: Multiplayer, without subtitles in official Portuguese.

General note: 7

Opening, beginning and Mission 1 – Why We Fight:

Subtitled trailer

Official trailer

But then, the game is old, is it still worth it?

Boy… I would play again, I really liked it. Now if you are going to play just because of Muiltplayer there… I no longer recommend it. But if it’s just for fun it’s still worth it!