“Home” trailer, new videos for “Defending Jacob” and “Here We Are”

Apple TV +: “Home” trailer, new videos for “Defending Jacob” and “Here We Are”

Another day, another wave of news from Apple TV +: today we have a new trailer and some more videos related to three of the original Apple platform series.

Come on?


First, we have the trailer for «Home», an Apple TV + documentary series that takes viewers to the four corners of the world with a very interesting focus: showing “the most extraordinary houses on the planet”, highlighting individual and community solutions and telling the story of the people behind them.

The nine episodes of the first season of «Home» are now available on Apple TV +, with chapters focusing on communities in Sweden, Mexico, China and several other locations. It looks very interesting!

«In Defense of Jacob»

Meanwhile, sometime after the first trailer, the mystery series «Defending Jacob» (“In Defense of Jacob”) won another promotional video – this time, a «First Look», with more scenes and a more detailed plot detail.

Check it out:

For those who are not following, production is led by Chris Evans («Avengers: Endgame»), who plays the prosecutor of a small town in the United States with his life turned upside down after his teenage son is accused of murder. Michelle Dockery («Downton Abbey»), JK Simmons («Whiplash») and Jaeden Martell («It») complete the main cast.

«Defending Jacob» will debut on Apple TV + on next friday (24/4).

“Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth”

Finally, Apple released a new music video “Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth” («Here We Are: Notes on Living on Planet Earth»), animated short film that arrived yesterday on its original platform.

Watch below:

The short, released as part of the celebrations of Earth’s Day (which will be celebrated next 22), is based on the children’s book of the same name Oliver Jeffers and tells the story of an early seven-year-old boy who discovers the wonders of our beautiful and scary planet.

The narration is on account of Meryl Streep (“The Devil Wears Prada”) and the production has the voices of Jacob Tremblay (“Jack’s Room”), Ruth Negga («Preacher») and Chris O’Dowd (“The Cloverfield Paradox”). It is worth checking!