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Home security system uses autonomous drone and costs $ 9950

Sunflower Labs has created an intelligent drone that promises to make your home safe, being considered the first of its kind fully autonomous made for home security. But it does not work exactly on its own, the company has created a connection between several security devices installed in a home for surveillance, the cluster called the Sunflower Home Awareness System and sold in one package.

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There are parts on the floor and They look like garden lamps, these only called Sunflower, they detect movements of people, animals, cars and offer up-to-date information to a screen. Already the drone arrives to complement the system, he called Bee, fully autonomous and with navigation technology that allows you to avoid collisions with walls and objects in general. It also has GPS, can monitor your home from a greater distance and stream live video.

As soon as the ground sensors detect something strange, the housekeeper receives a message via smartphone stating that something strange has been detected, from which it is possible to activate the drone to get a view of what is happening. This is a very clever way to use the gadget, since drones don't usually have long battery life and just flying around would complicate things beyond the noise they make.

The company demonstrated its technology at CES 2020 by enhancing the practicality of the product, after inspecting an area, the drone can return to the station, land and recharge until fired again. It weighs 1.5kg, is 34cm and records in Full HD (1920 x 1080) through the Sony IMX385 sensor. It has a 4000mAh battery, which ensures it flies for up to 25 minutes. The entire system sold together in a package that is not very affordable, anyone who wants Sunflower protection will need to shell out $ 9950.

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