Home screen: what are the main apps on my iPhone?

Recently, I published an article here on the website with “My Dock, my essential apps”. Some readers asked for something similar for the Home Screen of my iPhone, something I had done in April 2014.

It hasn’t been that long, but she’s changed a little. Here goes:

My iPhone Home screen

Apart from native iOS apps, which require no introduction, these are the ones that currently make up the first screen of my iPhone (in order):

Gmail app icon: Google email

where are my email accounts that use my personal Gmail and Google Apps the most . Apple Mail, right next door, I have only for iCloud (and very little).

Slack app icon

for him that all internal communication between team members takes place today .

WhatsApp Messenger app icon

No comments needed, right?

Messenger app icon

funny how we talk to different groups of people depending on the app / network used. Facebook Messenger is far from what I use the most, but the frequency would be daily.

Telegram Messenger app icon

In terms of application / service, it is my favorite nowadays. As I already said on our podcast, whenever I see that the person I want to talk to is already on Telegram, I choose him.

Instagram app icon

Despite its defects, it is one of the most pleasant social networks to use today.

Feedly - Smart News Reader app icon

Since the end of Google Reader, I officially took over with my official aggregator of feeds RSS.

Waze app icon - Live GPS & Traffic

I use it daily, even in my city, thanks to traffic functions.

Banco do Brasil app icon

I am a satisfied customer of the bank in terms of its digital solutions. The app was one of the first to incorporate login via Touch ID, what a great hand on the wheel.

Wunderlist app icon: Task List

where we organize all the guidelines for the and where I also have my to-do lists, both professional and personal.

1Password - Password Manager app icon

My favorite password / information manager for years.

Pocket app icon

My app / service “Read it later” favorite, where I save all the links I want to check later.

YouTube app icon

Another basic / essential that needs no introduction.

Fantastical app icon - Calendar & Tasks

Easily replaced the native iOS Calendar app, I love it.

Calcbot 2 app icon

Another example of a much better app than the native system.

Google Chrome app icon

I use Chrome on the Mac, so it makes perfect sense to use it on the iPhone too.

Tweetbot 5 for Twitter app icon

One of the apps I use most on the iPhone, my favorite Twitter client. Supercomplete.

· · ·

I lacked to list the application itself above , but because it is not currently available on the App Store. The current version has several problems in iOS 9 and we are working on a new one. 🙂

Share in the comments which apps are essential for you!