"Home" is the new version of the Chromecast app. Learn how to upgrade your

"Home" is the new version of the Chromecast app. Learn how to upgrade your

Chromecast, currently Google Cast, one of my favorite gadgets from Google. That's because the accessory turns any HDMI TV into a media center where games, applications and other devices can be mirrored. With the launch of Google Home, Big G decided to redesign the main Cast app to make the user interface more uniform. Here's how to update your app.

The Home app – formerly Google Cast – has the same functions as the previous version. Soon, you will have access to exclusive promotions for those who own a Chromecast and also a page where you can find applications that have the mirroring function, that can be mirrored on TV.

As I mentioned above, the app's name refers to Google Home, which is a virtual assistant that can manage various tasks from voice commands. Thus, the new application will be the control center of Home, Google Cast and Google Cast Ultra.

The search bar at the top of the app has been removed, and at the top is now the mirror icon, which has changed, and now displays other accessories that can be managed by the same app. Apps installed on the device that are compatible with Google Cast are separated into a special section so that the user can identify them.

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New interface from the old Google Cast, now Home / AndroidPIT

In addition, we have no significant changes for those who use only Cast, not Home. However, I think it is valid to keep the main app updated to keep up with the news that Google has been implementing in its line of smart accessories. If you want to install the new Home, proceed to the following topic:

How to download and install Google Home for Android

Google will update the Cast app gradually, but you can anticipate and install the official Home APK on your Android manually. It is available in APK Mirror (version 1.19.26), and you can download it by clicking this link. The official file, ie authenticated by Google itself.

Alternatively, wait for Google Cast upgrade to Google Home Play Store. According to Google, the official update is being released gradually.

Do you use Google Cast? Do you think the accessory replaces a Smart TV?

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