Holy Bible App – Know the best and how they work

With the increasing use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and others – which causes readers to migrate from book pages to handset screens – the Holy Bible has also gained online versions.

These days, you can find different mobile Bible apps. Here's what are the best and how each works:

New Living Bible

Holy Bible application - Know the best and how they work

In addition to being online, the Bible Live has a language of simple understanding, ideal for young people and people who have recently converted to Christianity. It is actually a digital version of the New Living Bible, which was released at the beginning of the 1980s.

Already with the mobile device connected to the Internet, it allows viewers to hear the passages they want, running on their Android and Windows Phone operating systems.

Bblia JFA Offline

With version available for Android, IOS and Windows Phone, The Bible Joo Ferreira de Almeida can be read even when the device is not connected to the Internet. That is, once installed it can be accessed at any time as an offline Bible.

It also features harp crist hymns and enables users to share their favorite passages on Facebook and Twitter. It is worth mentioning that JFA was responsible for translating the Bible into the Portuguese language in the 1600s, although it was published only two centuries later.

Bible King James

This app is another option for reading your holy bible offline on iphone or ipad, since you can do an offline reading anywhere without wifi. Its language is very faithful to the original text and can be used on devices with Android, IOS and Windows Phone.

The Bible app has different news features, such as favorite verse lists, sharing and searching for keywords, and has a historical division of books by color – which can be viewed through abbreviations, name lists and alphabetical order. You can also copy verses, increase or decrease font size, and use night mode for reading, and continue reading where you left off.


PocketSword is a Bblia Sagrada app that stands out for working primarily on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices running iOS 3.0 or higher. Its development was carried out on the S-WORD backend platform of the CrossWire Society.

Download the app and make sure that the content is available through modules, which can be downloaded to be accessed offline by your device, and the user can choose the additional modules you want.


This app for reading the words of God can be found in over 30 languages, as well as Portuguese. It can be used on devices with Android and iOS, allowing you to choose different versions of the Bible, even for offline reading for you to make the most sacred days.

It also lets you listen to audio files, make notes and share snippets with other users.

Bible for Children

The Bible app is intended for children, who can learn about the holy scriptures in language adapted to their reading plans. It also has illustrations next to the texts and audio narration for those who prefer to listen to the Bible.

The App works on iOS and Android mobile devices, only part of the free content.

Holy Bible

Another app for those who want to study and know Bblia with the help of your Android Smartphone and other devices, such as the iPhone. It has more than 70 biblical books, with the neovulgate translation, besides presenting parts of the version distributed by the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil.

I know the Bible

Holy Bible application - Know the best and how they work

Using more relaxed language, this app uses the quiz format to teach the holy scriptures. So users can test their knowledge without questions about characters, passages and verses.

Who gets the answers gets bonuses, which make the game advance. The App works on Android and iPhone.


Another option with a wide range of languages, and in this application the Bible is available in 1,200 languages. You can find the Portuguese language or another language by language or the country in which you download it.

In Portuguese you can still listen to the books of the New Testament, watch the movie about Jesus and share with friends. In addition, all verses can be accessed even without internet connection.

The app is compatible with iPhone and Android.