Holofication Nation wants to improve the design of all its apps.

Holofication Nation wants to improve the design of all its apps.

We all know the interface Android Holo, It has already been adopted by many developers, but unfortunately it seems that the most downloaded and used apps simply ignore it. To address this, a team of 2 designers and a community on Google+ created the Holofication Nation, and work spotlighting Some apps: Instagram, Steam, Snapchat, and Grooveshark are gone.

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<p>The responsible for the redesign of the apps are Connor Kirkby and Brandon D'Souza, they use the original app as a base, so it's necessary. <strong>uninstall the original</strong> to then install the version <em>holified</em>You don't need root or any modifications to your phone for apps to work. App apk files are available on the XDA forum. I tried to test the <strong>Instagram</strong>, but I could not log in at all; O <strong>Grooveshark </strong>it worked smoothly, and the UI really was better than the official one; I didn't download the <strong>Steam </strong>or the <strong>Snapchat </strong>because I never used either app, so I couldn't compare. O <strong>Facebook</strong>unfortunately in going through the process of <em>H.N.</em>, because the UI is controlled by their servers.</p>
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The idea of ​​making Android apps more 'beautiful' is very interesting and necessary, although the functionality of an application is the most important, it is inconvenient to have to use an app whose interface is not friendly and not aesthetically pleasing. A good example of this is Timely, a simple alarm app that looks beautiful and has a fluid and hassle free UI. Instagram has had an unofficial makeover just now, which shows that not few are dissatisfied with the design of Android apps.

What did you think about the idea of ​​Holofication Nation? Has anyone tested any of their apps?

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