Hollywood joins Linux Foundation to create Academy Software Foundation

In this June was created the Academy Software Foundation, which will be in charge of promoting open source.

Founding members are: Animal Logic, Autodesk, Blue Sky Studios, Cisco, DNEG, DreamWorks, Epic Games, Foundry, Google Cloud, Intel, SideFX, Walt Disney Studios, and Weta Digital.

The creation of ASF is intended to help new stadiums by supporting the use of Open Source software, and of course promoting their use.

Cooperation between the Academy and the Linux Foundation began a little over two years ago, when the Academy's Science and Technology Council began investigating how much open source was used by Hollywood.

According to the investigation, more than 80% of Hollywood uses open source software directly or indirectly.

According to Linux Foundation CEO Jim Zemlim, this move could be transformative for Hollywood, he commented as follows:

I've seen this movie before in other industries ", and complementing that the same movement happened in the automotive industry, which had great benefits from working together with open source projects.

He said open-source advocates and Hollywood studios had not yet had the opportunity to face each other to address issues such as digital rights management.

Another director who spoke was Andy Maltz, who is on the Academy's Science and Technology Council, saying it was the first time the Academy has lent its name to an entity not under its control and added:

This is really a big deal for us.

Maltz further explained that the name Academy Software Foundation was chosen to be inclusive and also to attract developers to games and other forms of media.

There are a whole world of other art forms – he said.

The Academy Software Foundation will have a kind of public disclosure on Siggraph, where Bredow will talk about it during his speech on Monday.

This is a good sign that an industry as strong as Hollywood is betting on free software.

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