«Hitman» won a new game mode on Friday the 13th

O Primeiro alvo elusivo de Hitman chegou na Sexta-Feira 13

Hitman’s first elusive target arrived on Friday 13. The Elusive Targets are part of the live content that will be published between episodes of HITMAN

The new game of Hitman which is being released episodically, where you do not receive the full game, but episodes, which will have a total of 7 which will be published this year 2016, presented yet another unprecedented game mode in the latter Friday 13.

On that date, the first appearance of an “Elusive Target” took place in HITMAN. Elusive Targets are part of the content Live which will be published between episodes of the game, as additional content, and represent the debut of a new game mode for players. They are designed as unique targets, and are accompanied by very specific rules:

That is, Elusive Targets are a kind of bonus mission where you only have one chance to eliminate the target with no chance of dying, without the help of the map to indicate where the target is and running out of time.

As this is the first target, Square-Enix has decided to warn about the content beforehand, however it may not have a warning next time, so keep your ears open, visit the game forums or follow HITMAN on social media so you don’t miss the warnings about the next target.

HITMAN is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.