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A smartphone is a very versatile tool. After all, with it you can make calls, surf the Internet, send emails, watch videos, etc. Best of all it's all done in one little thing that fits in your hands. Another side of this coin is the fact that everything you do on your smartphone ends up being recorded, including the search history. This, coupled with the cache, can take up a lot of space and consequently affect the performance of the device. And to avoid such a problem there is an app on the market called History Eraser (english). Do you want to know more about him? Then read our review.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.1.2Root: NoMods: NoAs its name implies, History Eraser (Portuguese) is an application that acts as a great eraser eraser, that is, a metaphor for caching. The good thing about having the cache clear is having more storage space and therefore better smartphone performance. Just to give you an idea: The cache can understand in size what ten applications take up from internal memory. Imagine how everything looks on the phone with all the wasted space and yet many apps running at the same time.

During our test, we opened History Eraser and found that there were 60 apps installed, occupying a total of 260 MB in cache. The Galaxy Nexus even supports it all very well, but it is not all smartphones that have this kind of resourcefulness.

In addition to clearing your phone cache, History Eraser can also get rid of history, which includes browser and clipboard history, as well as Play Store, Google Maps, and Gmail searches. You can also delete the call list, SMS and MMS, YouTube search results and search tags within the Google search tool. It should be said that the last two options can also be done externally: by setting up Google and YouTube search windows.

Everything is very easy: just check the boxes to select the stories that should be deleted. There is still a more radical option: eliminate everything at once without any sort of selection. Another interesting option lies in the settings. It is possible to activate a certain option of the application each time the screen is activated, that is, certain elements can be automatically deleted. This is a great feature because it avoids onlookers who decide to rummage through your smartphone without your permission or even a thief.

Conclusion:History Eraser (English) does what it purports to do. As we have stated, more free space on your smartphone also means better performance. We highly recommend.

Screen & Controls

The History Eraser (Portuguese) of those very easy to use apps. List viewing is excellent and although there are advertisements, they do not even interfere with that.

Price / Performance Ratio

History Eraser (Portuguese) can be downloaded for free from our App Center. The app comes with advertising banners.

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