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Hill Climb Racing | AndroidPIT

After staying for seven weeks among the top 10 apps in the Google Play store, Hill Climb Racing deserved a review here by us from AndroidPIT. arouse curiosity, no? So keep reading to learn what makes this app such a hit.

Functions & Usage

Devices: LG Optimus SpeedAndroid version: 4.1.2Hill Climb Racing has been in the top 10 among apps for a long time. It is actually a 2D app that is designed to drive vehicles (their quality increases as you play) as far as you can through different maps, collecting coins along the way through acrobatic performances or completing levels.

The first vehicle you will come across is a small jeep. So go ahead and terrorize the neighbor. Drive it super simple: the pedal to give gas to the jipinho is right and the brakes, left. That is, everything as is known from normal cars. Let's talk about the physics of the thing. Let's say something complicated, since the jeep accelerates very slowly and does not get along with so many bumps caused by irregularities of the track, which is located in the field. The jeep is equipped with summer tires, which means that it is easy for it to slide downhill even when you slow down the throttle. And it may happen that you stand without gas in a deserted desert in the blink of an eye!

There is a tendency in the game of you wanting to buy a new vehicle using the money represented by the coins you have collected. The available vehicles are as follows:

  • Jeep: Your first small, slow and unreliable vehicle. Try to drive up and forward as fast as you can.
  • Motocross: The only two-wheel drive the app offers. Do amazing stunts (especially after the upgrade)
  • Monster Truck: our favorite. Well tuned and fluidly driving, no matter what kind of soil to beat.
  • Race Car: The racing car of the app. Great for racing-like tracks.

Here are the upgrades that can be done:

  • Engine: Better engines mean, of course, more speed for your vehicle.
  • Suspension: make it easier to drive the vehicle faster on uneven terrain
  • Tires: tougher tires
  • 4WD: four-wheel drive
  • (Race Car) Downforce
  • (Motocross) Air Control

And more! Maps:

  • Field: This first map represents very rough terrain.
  • Desert: Hot and Dry!
  • Arctic: Be careful, as everything is very slippery. Winter tires will be required
  • Freeway: Typical North American highway with some slopes. Actually a beautiful ride.
  • Cave: The first map on which you will not see the sky.
  • Moon: track with low gravitational force and very high jumps. Be sure to pay attention to the gas meter.
  • Mars: A very unusual terrain and with greater gravity than the moon.
  • Allied planet: a huge green mass that demands the use of good tires.

Screen & Controls

Hill Climb Racing is quite easy to navigate thanks to its self-explanatory menu icons. The controls work very well through the brake and acceleration pedals and are not at all difficult to handle.

Speed ​​& Stability

Hill Climb Racing works very well and fluidly even on devices whose graphics specifications are not the best.

Price / Performance Ratio

Hill Climb Racing is a free app and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It is good that the banner ads are not displayed during the matches, only between the menus.

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