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Hikari Companion Hologram Inspires "Westernized" Virtual Concierges

Keyshare Innovation Group presented at CES 2020 its new Gatebox-based virtual assistant concept, companion hologram Created by a Japanese company to be an assistant and friend to people who live alone. Keyshare's new assistants were developed for a different purpose: work as conciergesthat is, professionals who assist with hotel and cruise clients, for example. To make attendants look less anime, the company gave its holograms western aspects.

Gatebox the gadget for those who have always wanted a virtual hologram assistant


According to Star Labs, they can talk, feel like real people and "have their own memories"

In addition to the physical appearance based on Western nations, the dialogue and interaction They have also been adapted so that clients "on this side of the world" get closer to the assistants, as the cultures are different. Instead of the appearance of anime, artificial intelligence can take the masculine or feminine form, with casual or uniform clothes. Of course each model faces a different situation.

O gadget hardware has also undergone changes. Rather than being a hologram itself, the western version is more like a tablet with a 3D doll inside a tube. As a result, the product turns out to be smaller, but has the same camera and motion sensors.

Keyshare has contracts to install assistant holograms on a cruise ship fleet by the end of 2020, so we will be able to track how hologram service and effectiveness will be.

Source: Engadget. [TagsToTranslate] hologram