highly addictive (iOs / Android)

Clash of Clans - CoC

Clash of Clans is a strategy game, available on Android and iOS platforms. It’s free and addictive!

Game Review: Clash of Clans: highly addictive (iOs / Android)

clash of clans it’s a game of strategy, produced by Supercell, available on platforms Android and iOS. And the best of all? IS free! I installed it just to understand why the game is so successful right now … And it was addiction to the first move!

Gameplay / Gameplay

Very easy to play! Extremely intuitive. The game starts with a simple, practical and easy to follow tutorial and to improve it is in Portuguese.

Graphics / Interface / Audio

The graphics are simple and the interface is very friendly.

The sound effects are also simple and the background music is good. But in general, I turn everything off to play.

Vila do Angelo - Clash Of Clans

Difficulty and dedication time

Strategy it’s not exactly my style of play. I always find it very complicated and I prefer shooting games. But this is a strategy game that laypeople can have fun and become addicted to as well. Of course, knowing how to build your village and put up the walls helps, but that knowledge you acquire by playing. You learn that the limits of the village do not serve as protection, for example. So, if you avoided CoC because you are not a born strategist or have not read The art of war, stop suffering from it! Install the game and be happy.

Clash of Clans is not a game that you need to stay connected for 24 hours to evolve your village. Obviously I was at the height of my addiction every 5 minutes even though I had a shield. The shield protects you from attacks, so if you have a shield activated, it cannot be attacked.

If you don’t have a shield do not panicbecause if your village is invaded and plundered you will not lose all your resources.

Anyway, it is not a game that requires you to stay connected while you are at the party with friends!

Cost X benefit

Downloading the CoC it is free. Gambling also pays nothing. But if you want to spend on the game … There is a solution for you: buy “gems“, Green pebbles that make your life easier in the game. With them you can speed up buildings, speed up the time your troops use to train and most importantly, you can also collect 5001 of these «emeralds» and buy a builder that is extremely useful during the game.


Most players are not interested in achievements. I particularly love it, it’s an attraction. And in this case of the game the reward is in GEMS, which is very worthwhile.

Clash of Clans - Achievements

How not to build your village:

1) Do not use the limits of the village as protection. The village boundary does not work as a wall, so invaders can enter this space!

2) Don’t leave your resources completely unprotected! We often invade just to steal resources to improve our villages … This village below would be a great attraction:

Clash of Clans - Village with unprotected resources

3) Do not leave «welcome doors» on the walls. Even if you set traps, the holes in the wall facilitate the invasion.

Clash of Clans - Wall with Hole

Useful knowledge:

– Defense structures do not work while they are being updated.

– Gold mines and elixir collectors also do not produce during their upgrade.

– You cannot be attacked while online.

– To improve your troops, it is necessary to buy the laboratory and do the research in it. It has nothing to do with the level of your barracks.

– Clear your land to find GEMS!

– You also earn gems when you unlock achievements.

– The troops of the camp are not used to defend your village !!! The troops of the Castle Clan serve both for defense and attack.


– Use globins at the beginning! Steal resources! Improve your village, your defense and your attack. Globins are great to steal, cheap and quick to make!


– In Portuguese.

– Easy to play.


– Extremely addictive.

Trailers and Gameplays
Official TV commercial:


Tutorial and Gameplay:

If you have serious gaming addictions, stay away from Clash of Clans!

And have you ever played? Will play? Did you like the game? Tell us! If you don’t have the game yet, don’t waste any more time:

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