Heroes of Newerth: Game for Linux

For lovers of Warcraft and Defense of the AncientsThis game is a totally free alternative for users of the Linux world, it has excellent graphics of the characters and environments, all the sound effects are engaging, besides the gameplay that was well planned and from the very beginning of the game you will have easy to play. a very show game! I recommend everyone to play with this game at least once, especially for those who enjoy real-time strategy games, this game is a good one. The game has mode single player and also multiplayer and he multiplatform with verses for Linux, Windows and MacOS.However all the power of this game is recommended to have a computer with video card ATI or Nvidia of at least 256MB not to have headaches related to lags and poor graphic quality. And it takes up 1GB of disk space. Below are some screenshots of the game:

Heroes of Newerth Heroes of Newerth Heroes of Newerth Heroes of Newerth Hope you enjoyed this post! See you next time !! 8-]