Heroes face off using the Infinity Jewels

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite versus

Meet the new game that pits the Mega Man and Ryu team against the House of Ideas superheroes, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

The classic fighting game that puts the universe of Mega Man and Ruy against the heroes of the House of Ideas is back in a version full of news. Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite was announced during the PlayStation Experience, an event that took place on December 3rd in the USA, and still has no date to be released. For now, the game is confirmed only for PS4 but it made us very excited. check out the launch trailer:

In the video we can see that the first significant change in the game was in the number of players facing each other. In the classic Marvel vs. Capcom, the fight was between two trios of characters, in the new game we will have a “two against two” battle.

Infinity Jewels

Another novelty is the presence of “Infinity Jewels» in the game. Each player will be able to choose a jewel that will give him a unique advantage in the battle. For those who do not remember or do not know, there are six Infinity Jewels in universe Marvel and five of them have already been featured in their films.

In the comics of Marvel they are powerful fragments that come together to give you total control over the universe. Thanos, the great villain of the company’s films will try to unite them in “Avengers 3: Infinity War,”Movie that will be released in 2018. In this gameplay video of the game you can see better how they will be used in the game:

Will the X-Men return?

Wolverine is one of the classic characters in the game

Whoever played the first game knows that the X-Men, especially: Wolverine, Cyclops and Storm are important characters in the franchise. Unfortunately rumors circulate that the characters will not be in the game due to legal complications. As everyone knows, Fox owns the rights to the mutants and does not like to give them up, but it does not hurt to hope that they are present.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite will be released sometime in 2017, initially exclusive to PS4 and I can’t wait to get my hands on this game …