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Heroes Call: An excellent RPG for your Android

One of the best graphics games for Android

Heroes Call is a medieval Android RPG that promises to stick to your smartphone for a few hours. The game is set in the kingdom of Brineside where your character must go through several stages before order can be restored on the spot.

You can choose from four characters from different classes and it's interesting that each character follows their own story and path, depending on which story you choose to happen in a different way.

Heroes call


Gameplay is one of the strengths, as well as beautiful 3D graphics, the game is very simple to play, just a few taps on the screen to make our hero move or attack an enemy by applying combos.

As usual in an RPG you will collect tens for your inventory, combine weapons, accumulate gold to buy more items and so on.

Check out the game Trailer:

The game is a bit big, around 150 MB and can be downloaded directly from Google Play, as I said free download the game here.

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