Here's how to install Ubuntu and Mint on a notebook with hybrid GPUs (Intel + NVIDIA)

Many have difficulties installing Ubuntu or Mint on notebooks with hybrid gpus, let's teach how to get around this.

Many who come to Linux through the Ubuntu or from Mint use notebooks with the system hybrid GPUs, where the notebook has two video cards, one being integrated from Intel and the other from NVIDIA mostly.

Here's how to install Ubuntu and Mint on a notebook with hybrid GPUs (Intel + NVIDIA)

Many notebooks do not handle open source driver well nouveau, driver is maintained by the community and reverse engineered with respect to NVIDIA's proprietary driver. Because of this barrier, many give up on using Linux (more specifically in this tutorial, Ubuntu and Mint) and go back to using Linux. Windows Because of this, however, this workaround, just make an adjustment on the boot screen, this adjustment is a parameter that causes the nouveau driver not to be loaded along with the kernel and thus can boot the system and installing it.

The screen we should make this adjustment, the screen right after boot, as shown in the image below.

As you can see, to edit the options just press the key TAB and so go to the next screen where we will put the command nouveau.modeset = 0 splash quiet acpi = off

After that your system will go up without many problems and thus continue the installation. Remember that right after the first system reboot, it is recommended to install the proprietary NVIDIA driver and thus enjoy better performance and stability, especially for games and tasks that require more of your NVIDIA GPU.

Partner Channel, The IT Guy, made a really cool video showing how to do this on Mint, but applying to Ubuntu as well.

And if you want to know how to get the latest version of the NVIDIA driver, we have a video on the channel showing how to do it, it's very worth checking out.

Special thanks to Cristiano, one of the top names in the Fedora community in Brazil who helps spread Linux in Brazil. It was he who helped me find this solution, thank you so much Cris =).

A big hug and even a next one.

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