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Here's another sneak peek at iOS 13, including Tiny Data Mode and multi-camera support.

They thought all the news from the iOS 13 had they been properly discovered and explored? Because they found it wrong. Let's go to another big catch of them!

Bar Scroll

This feature was mentioned in the keynote, but seeing it working more interestingly: On iOS / iPadOS 13, users can scroll long pages simply by holding the scroll bar in the right corner and dragging it up and down ( as in macOS).

The very fluid feature, as developer Benjamin Mayo shows:

Navigating a page by scrolling through the optimal scroll bar: You can drag a scroll pointer to fly through a long document. Goodbye, repeated slips!

Language choice per app

Yes: From iOS 13, users will be able to choose which language to use for each app individually, overriding the system's default language choice.

IOS 13 What's New

This will be especially useful for bilingual users who use iPhone / iPad in one language but want to enjoy a specific application in another language such as a Brazilian living in another country that uses the device in Portuguese but want to set up Maps to work in the local language, for example.

Podcasts app improvements

Apple has further expanded the announcements announced at WWDC19 to the Podcasts app. Starting with her new, smarter search engine: She can now search for terms mentioned in podcast episodes and return matching results, so you can search for a keyword instead of just a title or person involved. .

IOS 13 What's New

In addition, program and episode pages will show photos of presenters and guests from each content but this feature will be available primarily on certain popular English language podcasts. It will soon expand globally (if you have a podcast on the platform, be sure to review the Podcasts Connect Terms and Conditions to release this feature).

Apple will make a change in the podcast categories, too, by adding new themes like Fico, Story and Real Crimes. Some subcategories will be renamed, while others, less popular, will be deleted (in this case, podcasts linked to it will only be linked to me until a new subcategory value is added to their RSS feeds).

Apple Music Duplicate Music Warning

This is an older tool than moving forward on Spotify, and it's finally coming to Apple Music: on iOS 13, when you try to add to a playlist If a song is already in the list, the service will display a warning informing you of the duplication and asking if you want to add the song again or give up.

Apple Music Duplicate Alert on iOS 13Image: 9to5Mac

Very simple, yes, but very important and also present in the macOS Catalina Music app.


Some extra features have been added to the accessibility section of iOS 13. It is possible, for example, to completely disable automatic video playback on the system, which is very useful for motion-sensitive users. The preference extends to all native system apps, and developers can make use of an API to include their apps in this setting, too.

IOS 13 What's New

Also for motion-sensitive users, Apple will allow screen transitions to be made with a fan of instead of the usual scrolling animation. The feature can only be enabled if you have the “Reduce Motion” option enabled, and UIKit will implement these transitions in fan of automatically for developers.

People with color blindness will also have news in the update: a new option called “Differentiate without Color” allows the system to add interface elements to distinguish differentiated options only by color. Think, for example, of a two-player game where characters differ only by color: iOS 13 can add a number to each one. Developers, of course, need to add this option to their application code.

Lock notes in Contacts

From iOS 13, third-party apps connected to the Contacts app will no longer be able to access the “Notes” field for each contact you have. Why? Because users apparently have the habit of storing sensitive or confidential information about people in this field like address, email, social network accounts or even numbers like the CPF (very common with parents and children).

With the change, third-party apps will no longer have access to this potentially sensitive information, even if you allow them to access the Contacts app in one of those cases where users make unexpected use of a tool, so Apple has to move. Access to other app information remains unchanged, good to note.

New animation for silent indicator


Multi camera support

MacOS has been supporting this feature for some time, but iOS is only gaining it in its 13th version: From it, developers will be able to capture video, audio, metadata, and depth information from multiple cameras and microphones on an iPad or iPhone. simultaneously.

With this, an app can, for example, capture rear and front camera images at the same time, or create a dual image consisting of each of the rear camera lenses of recent iPhones.

The feature will only be available on iPad Pro and iPhones XS, XS Max and XR; Due to battery limitations, the devices may only have a multi-camera capture session running at any given time. Still, the possibilities are many.

What's new involving localization

As mentioned in the keynote, location access by third party applications will have a new option in addition to the existing two: you will be able to choose to request every time the app is opened, rather than setting a single / definitive preference.

Another news is that when any app requests any location-related permission, iOS 13 will show exactly the tracking it's been doing on a map in this way, so you get the exact notion of what the app in question knows about your travel information.

From there, you have more ground to make a decision about whether or not to allow the app to keep tracking you.

Mail News

On iOS 13, you will be able to block email accounts from contacting you, just as it already makes phone numbers and contacts available in app preferences.


In addition, it will be possible to silence threads Email is very useful for those long conversations with multiple contacts; emails will keep coming, but without triggering notifications. To silence a conversation, simply identify this option in the contextual menu of each message.

Reading Goals in Books (Books)

Ma's eBook application has a built-in feature that tells you how much you read each day. You can set goals, from which the app sends notifications encouraging you to read more and meet them; You can also view statistics about your reading patterns and send iMessage stickers with your achievements.

Improved search in iMessage

IOS 13 What's New

By sliding your finger down on the messenger, the system will display your suggested / most frequent contacts, as well as recently shared links on the service you can tap the "see all" option to enter a complete list.

Note Improvements (Notes)

By tapping the "" button on a folder in Notes, you have new options, such as adding people, moving the folder, renaming it, or viewing the attachments included there.

In addition, the app gives you the option to enable collaborations in read-only mode so that your contact can view the notes in question, but not edit them.

Attachments in the Calendar (Calendar)

IOS 13 What's New

Each calendared event can have an attachment attached, such as an important document for that appointment or something.

Using less data

The new Low Data Mode (Low data mode) cause applications to reduce network data usage.

IOS 13 What's New

According to Apple reported in this WWDC19 material, activating the feature disables, of course, background app updates, and apparently postpones certain non-fundamental system processes. That is, do not expect any miracles here.

Download heavy apps

On the other hand, if you have a very big data plan and don't care about heavy downloads, iOS 13 will solve this problem by letting you download apps and more with more than 200MB current system limit.

iOS 13 and Powerbeats Pro

As we mentioned, iOS 13 will be able to send audio to two AirPods. Siri will also be able to read messages (from both iMessage and compatible messengers) as soon as you receive them while you are using the headphones and you can answer everything very easily.

Because these news, according to 9to5Mac confirmed with sources, Beats Pro owners will also be available with Powerbeats Pro new sports wireless headphones that feature the same technology (H1 chip) as AirPods.

Notifications on iPadOS 13

An old wish from some people came true:

On iPadOS 13, you can simply drag a notification to open the app in question while in iPad mode. Slide over. The question remains whether the news is restricted to native system apps or applies to anyone.

More HomePod news

We have already commented on multiple user support and feature Handoff. But what's new in iOS 13 for HomePod doesn't stop there, no. It will be possible to include the speaker in scenes and automation rules.

Black HomePod viewed from above with Siri symbol

Just as an example, you can start the day with a certain playlist on HomePod by turning off the alarm.

Bonus: Identifying Music on Apple Watch

IOS 13 What's New

This is a feature of watchOS 6, but it is worth including it here: Shazam will be integrated into Siri and the clock so that you can simply raise your arm and ask assistant “What music is this?” The result will appear on the Watch screen.

Bonus # 2: Apple ID Authentication Code on Apple Watch

Another of watchOS 6: Two-factor authentication codes that are sent to your trusted devices now also appear on Apple Watch, as reported by MacRumors.

IOS 13 What's New

Previously, they were shown only on Macs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods touch. Undoubtedly, something that makes it easier to log in to a particular Apple site / service.

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collaborated: Vinicius Porto, Michel Duarte Run and Marcelo Melo; via 9to5Mac, AppleInsider, TechCrunch, MacRumors