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HERE Maps: update brings new interface and contextual button

Nokia this week updated its Android GPS navigator, Here. Among the new features are the new, much more modern interface and a contextual menu that appears by pressing for a while any point on the screen of the device. It brings options to access functions faster, reducing distractions for the driver.

Google Maps is without doubt one of the best GPS navigators for Android, if not the best. However, in Brazil there are common places where there is no internet connection, so at that time an offline GPS navigator is the best option. Among the many options available, the best ones are paid and usually quite expensive, and the one that stands out from Nokia Here. Here is completely free and has always updated maps, beautiful interface and good functions. And now it's even better in its new beta.

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Nokia Here: Offline GPS Navigation on Your Android / Nokia

The interface was cleaner and more consistent with Google's proposed material design. But the biggest highlight is the new contextual menu that triggered by clicking for a while anywhere on the screen.

Anyone who used the app before knew that it was necessary to slide your finger on the screen to pull the menu on the side. In terms of safety, this is not very cool as it requires more attention from the driver who will spend more time looking at the phone screen to select options. Now easier: after clicking on the screen 4 icons appear with options for you to select. If on the map, the option to navigate by car to the clicked location will appear, an option with directions, location information, and a share button.

How to download the latest version of Here Maps

This new version is in beta, so it is not yet open to everyone on Google Play. To download you need to join the Here Maps Google Talk group, then click on this link to become a tester. After that, click on the Google Play Store link.

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