watchOS 5 is already among us, with enhanced Walkie Talkie and Siri; upgrade your Apple Watch right now!

Here is our first compilation of screenshots with the latest from watchOS 5!

We have already made a great compilation of iOS 12 and another of macOS Mojave. Now, time to focus on the Apple Watch.

O watchOS 5 was presented together with the other two last Monday (4/6), in the opening keynote of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018. Next, you can see images of the main news that are already available in its first beta version, by the way, it was temporarily taken down by Apple due to critical update issues.

Except where indicated, all images in this compilation were captured by our collaborator Michel Duarte Corra. Let's go?

Wi-Fi in Settings

For the first time, Apple Watches owners will be able to select which Wi-Fi network to connect to and even enter their password using the feature Scribble (you draw the letters on the screen). This is not necessarily linked to the iPhone.

Control Center

As in iOS, the WatchOS Control Center will be customizable (good, Apple!) And, finally, accessible from anywhere (even from inside third-party apps) by sliding upwards.

Likewise, you can also pull the Notification Center (from top to bottom) from anywhere.

Do Not Disturb

The No Disturb feature will also gain new (de) activation options, as announced for iOS 12.

WatchOS 5 beta screenshot WatchOS 5 beta screenshot

Competies with friends

In watchOS 5, in addition to being able to follow the activities of friends, we can also propose and participate in weekly competitions. Obviously, everyone needs to be running watchOS 5 already.

Alerts pace

For those who often run outdoors, watchOS now offers the possibility for you to configure alerts to find out if it is within your pace (pace per km).

New exercises

WatchOS 5 will come with new exercises focused on trails and yoga.

WatchOS 5 beta screenshot

New Podcasts app

Apple heard our prayers and is finally bringing the Podcasts app to the Apple Watch.

New Walkie-Talkie app

This even marks its presence in the first beta with its icon, but the functionality of the application itself has not yet been enabled / released for testing.

WatchOS 5 beta screenshot WatchOS 5 beta screenshot

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For now, guys. 😉