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Hearing between Google and Oracle reveals details of the original Google Phone

The image above is a mockup-concept of the “Google Phone”, the device designed by the Mountain View giant and presented to American operators almost two years before the company finally unveiled its first Android, the T-Mobile G1.

The images of the device were released recently in the trial against Oracle due to references to Java projects. In May 2007, almost a year after the iPhone was launched, Google was still designing Android with a physical keyboard in mind, as noted in documents about Android during the trial.

Built to compete originally with the Blackberry, Google needed to completely rebuild the Android software so that it could stand up to Apple. However, the first device, the G1, arrived equipped with a QWERTY keyboard and capacitive screen.

Below, another concept image of the device that has undergone many changes in its prototype phase.

In its hardware, Google programmed to embed a 200MHz ARMv9 processor, 64MB RAM, 64MB ROM, miniSD card slot, 2MP camera with shutter button, Bluetooth 1.2, and a 16-bit color QVGA display. It would also come with Wi-Fi, GPS and a GPU. These specifications could define the project as a high-end cell phone for 2006.

Another detail also disclosed in the American court were images of the user interface and applications. Created with the intention of being only demonstrative, the idea was just to exemplify its operation.

Similar to the mockups above, this was the prototype that came to be used by the Google team in the development of Android: