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Hear the difference between new and old MacBook Pro keyboards

Little by little, the differences (which go beyond obvious this) between the current generation and the new generation of MacBook Pro are emerging on the internet. Yesterday we talked about True Tone technology support, which goes beyond the machine's panel and extends to some external monitor models to which it is connected. Now the TechCrunch decided to focus on another point of interest of the new models: the keyboard.

As is well known, Apple has announced that the new MacBooks Pro will come with a new generation of “butterfly” keyboard, which originally debuted on the 2015 MacBook and had its first update on the first Touch Bar MacBooks Pro. According to Ma, the keyboard of this new (third) quieter generation. The company said the new keyboard does not have changes in the mechanism to correct keys that fail or repeat but, as we said, not quite. Regardless, the question here: how much quieter?

O TechCrunch made a video comparing the typing noise of a new and old MacBook Pro. See below:

So if the site measurement is correct, the new MacBooks Pro really does bring quieter typing while not totally silent, which is good (after all, sound feedback is also an important part of the keyboard typing experience).

As we have commented, it is quite possible that the company has taken advantage of this update to correct the possible keyboard problem and has made this change in the typing sound to announce it as a novelty or, in other words, a “look, we do not” ad. we want to admit the problem, but we already brought the correction quietly. ”

Or maybe it can't be that the new keyboard is just quieter anyway. We'll have to wait to find out.