Health app is the latest to gain a reimagination in this concept for iOS 12

It seems that the heads of designers specializing in technological concepts are racing in recent days.

We have already published a reimagining work for iOS 12 as a whole, and even earlier today, we showed another one focused only on the Music application.

Now, another interesting concept is among us this time, focused on the app Sade (Health).

Imagined by the team 9to5Mac, the new version of the app to be introduced in iOS 12 would focus on making its use more friendly and motivational which would be an important step, according to the creators, in the process of transforming the app into a unique and attractive health center for the millions of iPhones (and Apple Watches) users around the world.

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The idea here is to transform Sade into a “panel” of your body, with easy-to-read information and daily well-being tips tailored to the user's lifestyle.

A new “Today” tab ("Today") would be the main face of this new proposal, with cards presenting daily challenges for users to overcome previous performance marks or tips to keep pace and food.

These cards, of course, would also appear on the Apple Watch and could be shared on social media for an extra dose of interaction and challenge.

Likewise, the “Weekly Focus” screen ("Weekly Focus") would bring information related to your week, with a different focus at the end of each period in this way, in one week you can concentrate on climbing more stairs, and in another week walking more often to work.

The “Health Analysis” area ("Health Review"), in turn, would show your historical advances and areas where you can improve by combining this with the “Activity Tips” feature (“Activity Tips”), where the system would use artificial intelligence resources to offer advice based on their lifestyle, we are talking about an intelligent platform for improving the quality of life of users.

The “Statistics of Achievements” area ("Achievement Statistics") would still bring, as the name says, statistics related to the time and effort made by the user for each of the achievements made, which would possibly bring greater engagement to the challenge system.

Finally, the “Health Data” (“Health Insights”) would take information from third-party apps (from nutrient intake to sleep-related information, for example) and turn them into intuitive cards, with simple tips and instructions on how to better treat your body and mind.

Do you think that what the Sade app is needing to have more appeal to users? Leave your opinions below.