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Headset type controls smartphone functions with facial commands

Researcher Denys Matthies has created a prototype headphone that can send commands to smartphone through facial expressions. This is possible because various movements we make with the face are connected to the ear canals, and the headphones would "understand" what expression the user is making.

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The earphones have special electrodes that recognize the shape of the user's ear canal through an electric field. They recognize five different movements with 90% accuracy: smiles, winks, the sound of "shh", opening your mouth or turning your head somewhere.

Commands involve functions such as opening text or starting and pausing a song.

Denys Matthies will present his project during the international technology conference "CHI, Which takes place in Colorado in May. The prototype designer said the research will help "complement the technology" and that the accessory will be "useful for people with limited mobility" if marketed.