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Heads Up Notifications: Download the Android L function to your smartphone!

One of the Android L features introduced during Google I / O was the notifications Heads Up. In a previous article, we showed how to get various functions of this previous version of the operating system, but this option was still missing. Also, anyone who has already installed Android L on a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 knows that these notifications have not yet been included. But you can already try it by downloading the app Heads Up! Notifications.

heads up notifications

Heads Up notification calls allow you to view notifications even if some other application is already open. A black bar appears on the screen, and from it we can perform actions such as discarding the notification or archiving it.

If you want to prove this feature on your smartphone, I recommend the following application, which requires a device with Android 4.3 or higher:

Paid or free app?


Internet connection

In-app purchases

Android version

Paid out
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4.3 or higher

Getting Started with Heads Up Notifications

After downloading the app, a menu with four options appears. My suggestion starts by clicking Whitelist and add the applications we want to receive notifications from. Lastly, we have to activate the app by clicking Play. Then a message will appear. We must accept it and restart the device.

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By clicking on the White List you choose the apps that are able to send Heads Up notifications. / AndroidPIT
<p>Ready! Now we just have to prove that it works. To do this, we can open any application and ask someone to send us an email, for example. When the notification appears, we can either dismiss it by sliding it aside or open it with a double click. The only drawback that the <strong>Paid app (just over $ 3.00)</strong>.</p>
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If you downloaded the app, tell us your impressions in the comments!

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