Headphone explodes in passenger head during flight in Australia

An Australian woman returning from Beijing to her home country was surprised during the flight by the sound of a explosion that woke her up. Feeling his face burning, he realized that the burst had come from his headphones, which were on fire above his head. In desperation to remove the gadget, the girl who did not have her name disclosed, also burned her neck and hands, before being able to throw the device on fire on the plane floor. Flight attendants appeared with a bucket of water and put out the small fire, allowing the flight to proceed normally, but stinking of hair and burnt plastic until landing.

The jokes asking if the headphone was from Samsung are released because the brand to which the gadget belonged was not disclosed. In addition, Australia was one of the countries that banned Galaxy Note 7 on its flights shortly before the company halted production and sales of its explosive smartphone.

The defect with lithium batteries is a constant concern of aviation agencies and the Australian Civil Flight Safety Agency has stated that this type of battery is responsible for "numerous air fires" in cases of short circuit.