He was missing: Facebook admits employees listened to Messenger audios

He was missing: Facebook admits employees listened to Messenger audios

As a pendulum, the technology industry goes through good and bad phases; The latest “crisis” involves the breaching of customer voice content privacy by third-party companies from some industry giants, such as Apple itself.

In Ma's case, the audio files were collected anonymously by Siri and reviewed by outsourced employees, but following the practice, the company decided to suspend its internal program. Now it turned out that the Facebook also performed the same activity, at least until last week, according to Bloomberg.

According to the publication, Mark Zuckerberg's social network was using “hundreds of external contractors” to transcribe audio clips from Messenger users. Specifically, these officials were tasked with verifying that the messenger was “interpreting voice messages accurately,” which was apparently done anonymously.

They (the employees) listened to the conversations of Facebook users, some with vulgar content, but they don't know why Facebook needed to be transcribed.

According to Bloomberg, the audio review company (which was not named) disrupted the practice last week because of pressure from Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft to maintain similar programs.

Facebook has not commented on Messenger users' conversations for now, but it is well known that this will not be the problem the company should be talking about, as Instagram has also been accused of allowing a startup to store Stories and user location data as reported by the Business insider.

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