HDMI Interface Group Announces USB-C Tip Cable for 4K Monitors and TVs

The group responsible for the HDMI interface today announced the HDMI Alternative Mode (also known as Alt Mode, or HDMI Alternative Mode), which makes the technology talk to USB-C connectors without any type of adapter.

They explain:

The cable use the USB Type-C part to connect source (in this case the computer) and any HDMI to connect to the monitor. Unlike other monitors with the technology Alt mode, which requires multiple adapters or cables to connect to HDMI monitors, HDMI Alternative Mode lets you easily connect via a simple USB Type-C to HDMI cable.

USB-C HDMI Connections Alt Mode

The HDMI to USB-C cable works on monitors, TVs, and projectors with a wide range of HDMI 1.4b features, including 3D, Ethernet, and CEC.

Many devices in the smartphone, tablet and computer markets, among others, already use USB-C connectivity, such as the 12-inch MacBook. In Apple products, Thunderbolt is still the most popular way to connect Ma devices to 4K monitors or TVs, as the HDMI version on them does not support such high resolutions. Nowadays, the solution for connecting devices that have USB-C to monitors with HDMI support only through adapters, but these can only reach 30Hz refresh rate.

The news of a new HDMI to USB-C cable comes as a breeze for those who would like to get the most out of their devices, also remembering that we may soon have possibly new Macs with USB-C ports. More information about the cable you can find here.

(via MacRumors)