Having trouble updating your App Store apps? See how to solve

With the shift from charging dollars to reais on the App Store, it seems that some bugs are happening to a portion of Brazilian users who face difficulties in updating their applications.

Based on our tests and reports from readers, here we list some possible solutions for those who are facing the problem.

Since the afternoon of Thursday (4), many users are not able to update their applications on the App Store. No warning or error appears, only apps do not complete the process when the update button is touched. If this is happening to you, try one of the following processes:

1. Access your payment information

For some strange reason, many are managing to solve the problem just by accessing payment information on the App Store. To do this, go to Settings ›iTunes App Store› Apple ID ›View Apple ID› Payment information. You just need to open the menu and tap “Done”.

After that, try to update an application to see if it works.

2. Download a free book from the iBook Store

Our Virtuamigtec reader was able to solve the problem simply by downloading a free book from the iBook Store. It can be anyone, such as the Apple Watch Manual. After that, updates start to work normally.

3. Turn the device off and on

The classic solution suggested by 99.98% of computer technicians on the planet can work if nothing else goes right. Often simply by turning the iPhone or iPad off and on again, things work mysteriously again. In desperation, it’s worth the try.

One of these three alternatives should solve your problem. Anyway, this is the type of bug that usually resolves over time, although it is quite inconvenient and unpleasant. After all, not being able to install or update an application is often a problem, especially if it is useful for you.