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Have you tried the new Deepin 15.8?

Deepin is probably the most distracting Linux distro because of its improved interface design last year. While this interface has been redesigned some versions ago, the newly released version (15.8) of Deepin Desktop Enviroment is even more polished.

Deepin developers have announced a nice upgrade for the distro and interface, enhancing existing ecosystem features, check out our video for all the major news:

The big difference of this version was to improve existing features so that the usability became more versatile and improved, such as the system indicator region and even the famous side panel that Deepin carries.

Bringing recognizably good things

always good to consider two things when developing an interface, familiarity and innovation. Often both clash, the craving for innovation ends up generating some unusual and impractical ideas, like that old GNOME notification system at the bottom of the screen, which has been (thankfully) abandoned for a long time.

Old GNOME Shell notification system
Old GNOME Shell notification system

Considering this, one of the features of Deepin that I most admire is the ability that developers have to take various concepts present in various interfaces and systems (Android, GNOME, macOS, Windows, etc.) that are familiar to people and cause empathy and implement in system, often working exactly as they work elsewhere and sometimes applying some improvements to make the usability consistent.

To comment on some examples, we now have the Dark mode in the applications. In practice, any theme has always managed to bring this feature For any environment used with Linux distros, however, this demand has become more latent with the recent implementation by Apple and Microsoft, which although it has existed in the Linux world for a long time, has made many of them want it natively.

Deepin dark mode

Although we can tweak this on our interfaces (Linux users), we didn't have a dark mode implementation the same way Deepin put it, allowing us to change the tone of Apps individually, without necessarily affecting the entire system.

Deepin Linux Show Desktop

Even the change of the icon to display the desktop in the new version, nothing more than the implementation that Windows has since … always, there's nothing wrong with that, it works very well, much better than having One button just for that.

More hidden news

As commented on the video, there are a lot of new things coming up and a lot of things constantly being improved, but one of them that was not mentioned in the video included, and that deserves a comment, the disk encryption, which is now present directly in the installation. Deepin code is available on GitHub for consultation so you can learn more about the project.

THE Deepin store (app store) has also received improvements, but apparently some of them are directly in the distro infrastructure, people used to complain too slow when downloading software from it, today this problem seems to have been greatly minimized, probably thanks to the beautiful partnerships that Wuhan Technology, the company behind Deepin, has been able to do with various companies and universities around the world.

How can you use the new Deepin 15.8?

The simplest way, no doubt, by downloading the latest version of the system directly from the official website. If the download takes too long for mirror official, note that there are some alternatives just below the main download button, with downloads provided by Google Drive, Mega, among others. We have a video to help you with this if you need:

Are you already using the new Deepin? Tell us in the comments, see you next time! 🙂

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