Screenshot do app Slide – 3D GIF Camera

Have you thought about creating “3D” GIFs with your iPhone? Then get to know the Slide app

or is it not true that GIFs have everything ?! It is a fact that iOS and some widely used applications (such as WhatsApp) do not support the format, but that does not detract from its merit. Now there is a new way to create GIFs directly from your iPhone. And the best: “3D” GIFs. Get to know the app Slide.

Slide app icon - 3D GIF Camera

The very simple app. When opening, all you need to do is frame the photo you want to take, touch the screen to start the capture process and quickly slide to the side. Then just touch the object of the photo you want to focus on and that's it, your 3D GIF is created.

Test done with the Slide app

Although the operation is quite simple, in the first attempts you may not slide to the side in the correct way (fast enough). But after three or four times you get the hang of it. And don't worry because if you happen to select the wrong object in the image (for focus), you can easily edit everything without taking a new photo. 😉

With the GIF “3D” ready, you have a few options: publish as a short video on Instagram; send the image (static, since iOS does not support GIF) by message; share the “3D” GIF or an animation video the way you want (including saving to the Camera Roll).

The only cons goes to the impossibility of creating “3D” GIFs with the front camera for those who love it selfies as the app requires a high frame rate per second to create these animations.

Here is the demo video of the app:

Simple, cool and fun. I recommend!