Have you ever thought about turning a MacBook Pro screen into a touchscreen for just $ 1?

Have you ever thought about turning a MacBook Pro screen into a touchscreen for just $ 1?

Although it’s hard to imagine how to turn a MacBook Pro’s screen into a surface touch In less invasive ways, the American Kevin Kwock and his colleagues developed a prototype that allows this feat without much work. The secret? Use the laptop's own webcam! The project was given the name “Sistina”, the same as the famous Vatican State chapel.

In reality, the process involves using basic products, purchased by the team for less than $ 1. The heaviest part of the project is due to software that understands and calibrates the touch on the computer screen, then allowing its use for various websites and even applications.

Basically, the students analyzed the angle at which the finger, when in contact with the screen, is able to touch the reflection itself under that angle that the person is touching the surface. From there, it is necessary to adapt the purchased materials so that the webcam can see this pair (finger + reflex). To this end, Kevin used the following materials: a small mirror, rigid paper, door hinges and hot glue.

After “installing” all the devices, the processing done by a code that detects, maps and calibrates the touch through a fast process in which I need to follow a point on the screen, identifying the coordinates of the finger with those of the reflection, creating a matrix.

For a prototype, even adaptation engineering works very well! For the creators, some modifications could improve the results, such as a camera with better resolution and glass that is curved (allowing the webcam to see the entire screen). In this way, the project could become a low-cost functional method for screens touch screen.

The promising novelty for users who were waiting for the launch of a Mac product with this technology and who took a bath in cold water after interviews with Apple executives confirmed that the company does not think it is "appropriate" to use a multitouch screen on Mac line.

via Gizmodo Brazil