Have you ever had problems with Apple cables? Then meet the Belkin Lightning / USB cable!

Have you ever had problems with Apple cables? Then meet the Belkin Lightning / USB cable!

I am super careful with the original Apple cables, but even so I have had problems with them either tearing the rubber or "breaking", even (due to slight carelessness or the way I keep them in my backpack).

In fact, I don't know how Apple hasn't mirrored some partner manufacturers yet to improve their cables. While she does not do this, companies like Belkin do a very cool job and sell cables far superior to those offered by Apple even in Ma's own stores, which is somewhat ironic.

I have some Belkin cables and I am very satisfied, but today I will talk about specific metallic cable MIXIT (Lighting / USB).

With 1.2m in length and a material much more resistant than that of the original Apple cable (it has a mesh braided in place of that traditional white rubber along the cable), MIXIT has a greater firmness when stretched and a great resistance to being bent. In addition, this braided mesh is very beautiful, combining with the ends of the cable what I'm wearing gold and the whole cable matches the iPhone, which in my case is also golden. Its Lightning tip is very thin, which makes it possible to use it with most cases available on the market.

Belkin metal cable

With Lightning on one end and USB on the other, it is capable of withstanding up to 2.4A, ensuring a fast recharge in a safe way. Really safe, because it has MFi certification (‚ÄúMade for iPod / iPhone / iPad‚ÄĚ) from Apple, meeting all standards of quality and performance required by Ma.

The "disadvantage" (if this can be called that) is the investment. These cables tend to be a little more expensive than the originals precisely because they offer more than a simple rubber cable. However, if you take into account the chance of having to buy more than one cable from Apple while this one from Belkin lasts a lot, but a lot longer, it ends up being worth it.

Usually, these cooler products are not commonly sold here in Brazil outside, on the other hand, it is very easy to find. But you do not need to travel to the USA and not even ask a friend to bring even more with the dollar in this absurd amount, because we have him in MM Store!