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Have you considered building your own iPhone? Cause this guy rode his for $ 300

It would be possible for us, "mortal relatives", assemble our own iPhone? This was a question that remained for months in the mind of the tech traveler and lover. Scotty allen. After comings and goings China, he was tempted to enter the challenge of walking the streets of Shenzhen in order to find the parts needed to make his own iPhone and that's exactly what he did.

Basic parts to assemble an iPhone

Allen focused on four main components: logic board, screen, battery and housing. Documenting everything in a 23-minute video and an article on his website, he comments that the intention was to actually solder all parts of the device, but the task was more difficult than anticipated. And this difficulty may have to do with Touch ID and Secure Enclave, which could not function properly if handled improperly. The solution was to buy a recycled logic board, with Touch ID and all.

By purchasing all the necessary components, Allen spent around $ 300, which is almost half of the original entry price of the device ($ 550). However, before we think Apple's profit margin is staggering, we also need to consider factors such as the workforce and the entire development process prior to production, as well as marketing investments.

You may wonder why he did not prefer to mount the latest iPhone 7. He reported that by opting for the iPhone 6s, he could easily compare the device to his existing iPhone (which he bought at an official store in another occasion); Another reason was the fact that most of the pieces were recycled or broken, so getting parts of the newer devices would be a much more difficult task.

If I found Rodrigo Lombardi's face? 😂

If you don't want to venture to China in person, nothing prevents you from searching for components to buy from some websites; The difference you will not be able to do like it (return / exchange in case of defect, at least not within a few days).

Anyone risk it? 😝

(via 9to5Mac)