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AlcoholTestThe Brazilian Joaquim Venâncio launched this week his newest application, the fun AlcoholTest.

He doesn’t actually do any calculations, but he is able to tell if a person is drunk, sober or more or less just blowing on the device. Incredible, isn’t it?


Unlike other breathalyzer simulators found on the App Store, which try to convince us that they can provide an accurate calculation just by the number of glasses we drink, this is a game that serves to have fun playing pranks on friends.

The application obviously does not have the ability to really analyze the amount of alcohol in the citizen, but its result depends on a little trick that only the owner of the device knows.

You didn't drinkDrank little

To play the prank is very easy: in a circle of friends, after everyone has taken one and the other, you take your iPhone out of your pocket and say: “My iPhone is able to know who here drank a lot or not!“. The tendency is for no one to believe you, then you show that it is enough to «blow» on the device for 3 seconds, that it analyzes the amount of alcohol in the blood and can tell if the person is drunk or not.

In the midst of incredulous looks, you take the test with one of them, showing that the answer is incredibly accurate, as are all the tests that follow. At that point you won the audience, who will agree that your iPhone really works wonders.

The trick that only you will know (hoping that none of them are reading this article ?) is to put your finger in the right position when starting the measurement. When touching the left corner of the button, the application will always give the answer “You didn’t drink“. When you touch the middle, the answer will be “You drank a little“. Finally, if you touch the right side, it will result in “You are drunk“. You must be discreet when pressing the virtual button.


This will guarantee hours of fun with friends, who will try to find out how the iPhone is able to determine with such precision how much you drank, in addition to making you the center of attention.

Remember that the app is just a joke and excessive alcohol consumption, in addition to being dangerous, can lead to addiction.

The application is for sale on the App Store (link) for only $ 0.99. Enjoy that the dollar is low and guarantee yours now!

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