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Have children? Learn how to limit iPhone usage using restrictions

If you own or live with kids who love technology, you may have read or heard about the feature. Restrictions from iOS.

Basically, the option provides parental controls on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, allowing a device to comply with rules set by the parent or guardian if gadget It belongs to a child.

Prior to iOS 12, however, to access them you had to go to General Settings Restrictions. As of the current release, Apple has decided to relocate the tool, and many users may have found that Apple removed this option.

To access restriction settings (if your device is on iOS 12 or later) you must first enter another feature: Use Time. Launched next to iOS 12, the tool bundled some functions (new and old) of Ma's mobile system, including restrictions.

Here's how to set it up:

  1. Open the Settings app and tap "Usage Time." If you have not yet configured the feature, tap "Continue".


  2. Then you should answer whether that device or not a child (in this case, let's suppose so).

    Restrictions on Children at Use Time

  3. On the following screens, set sleep options and app limits to suit your needs. At the "Content and Privacy" screen (formerly "Restries"), tap "Continue."

    Configuring the

  4. You will be required to set a code to change the Usage Time content and privacy settings that will prevent another person from easily changing these settings.

    Parental Protection Code

  5. In the main Usage Time screen, select “Content and Privacy” and enter the code defined in the previous step. Then touch the slider to activate the restrictions.

Now, just navigate through the “iTunes and App Store Purchase”, “Allowed Apps” and “Content Restrictions” menus and set what your child may or may not access while using the gadget. Usage Time also allows you to define other settings that help control how much time the child has to play or surf the web, among others.

For a device that is yours, and suppose you can't hear explicit music on Apple Music, you need to enable Usage Time and indicate that that device is not a child's. Then select Content and Privacy Content Restrictions Music, Podcasts & News and tap the "Explicit" option.

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