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Have a problem with Apple products? Here’s a cool tip in times of the Coronavirus pandemic

As you well know, all Apple Stores outside of China are currently closed “until further notice”, due to the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We have already reported that those who did not look for devices left for repair / replacement will now only be able to take them back when they reopen – which, depending on the location, may still take a few good weeks.

What to do, then, if during this period you have an Apple product with a problem? And, even worse: what to do if his guarantee is close to ending?

The reader Fang Cai [@fangright] is experiencing exactly this with its second generation AirPods, whose left side has been experiencing problems during calls. The worst luck? Your weeklong warranty is only a week away.

Apple Guidance

In contact with Apple Brazil support by phone (0800-761-0880), Cai was instructed to open a case now about his problem – that is, before the warranty ends.

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Thus, everything is already properly registered on Apple systems and in a while, when we all return to normal life, he can then take the AirPods to an Apple Authorized Service Center or store with the case number already open, so that they can give procedure for the repair / exchange process.

Obviously, common sense is needed in this period between registering the case and going to a store / assistance to proceed. It is useless to do this now and, after the outbreak of COVID-19 is controlled, it takes you weeks / months to go to the site.


For those who prefer and / or cannot wait, another option is to send the defective product to Apple or for technical assistance by post. In this case, however, the customer is responsible for the cost of freight.

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So here’s the tip. ?