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Has your new iPad Pro arrived crooked? Apple says it's "normal"

We know that the new iPads Pro not exactly the most robust devices in the world the YouTube channel JerryRigEverythingBy destroying a copy of the new tablets in a simple warping test, he compared their strength to "a bunch of mashed potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil." But it would not be acceptable for your new equipment up to $ 15,000 to come out of the box with the slightly crooked carcass, right? Good according to Apple, yes.

Since new Pro iPads began shipping in the past few months, some buyers have been “drawn” with devices with slightly warped casings as they leave the case. MacRumors had some complaints to that effect or after a few days of use.

Today, Apple confirmed to the The verge Some copies of the new tablets may, in fact, already come out of the factory with a slight warp in their casing due to a “side effect” of their manufacturing process, which involves a quick cooling step of the plastic and aluminum parts as well. which make up the body of the device. Ma makes sure that this “glitch” doesn't get worse over time and doesn't affect tablet performance in any way.

Chris Welch of The vergenoted that its 11-inch iPad Pro gained slight curvature after the first few weeks of use without any stimulation; He changed the tablet at an Apple store and noticed that the new device was already slightly warped as it came out of the box. The photo below shows the subtle problem, however evident:

iPad Pro crooked

It is not yet clear whether Apple has instituted an internal policy that exchanges all crooked devices without question or whether the exchange is accepted only in eligible cases, such as AppleCare + covered products. As the company states that the damage does not compromise the use of the device, it is possible that we are dealing with the second option which is absurd, considering the history of care and attention to the design that characterizes Ma.

Although the problem seems well located, with few users reporting occurrences, it is still another reason to consider 2018 a very bad year for the Cupertino giant.

Now with you: Has anyone bought one of the new iPads Pro and noticed a similar problem? Speak up in the comments.