Has using iPhone become synonymous with wealth? This survey says yes

Today we see more and more people who like to sport. This happens in the sports world, like that boxer Floyd Mayweather, who always shows up showing his goods for all the world to see. Such ostentation also happens in the artistic, musical and even by ordinary people who are not famous worldwide.

And speaking of ostentation, according to a report written by the University of Chicago and the US Department of Economic Research, owning an iPhone is an indicator that you have a better financial position than other people, thus revealing that you A person who has riches.

While it is not news to anyone that many crave the iPhone for the brand, the data shows that no other company is as predictive of having a high revenue as Apple's iPhone. Moreover, according to economists, seven out of ten people who use iPhone have a higher income than others.

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That is to say, for American economists, who owns an iPhone is a sign that their financial lives are higher and higher than other people. As for Android users, report data show that 59.5% are more likely to have a high income.

And do you think having an iPhone is an indication that the person is financially successful?

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