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Hardware predictions for the next iPhone

Amid so much speculation about the iPhone OS 3.0 and the countless features of a supposed new iPhone, there was a little talk of the processing power and performance that it can bring in relation to the current model. In fact, good hardware has the same importance as good software, however the current Apple smartphone has a technological lag even when compared to a product from its own manufacturer, which is the case with the iPod touch.

iPhone 3G lying on its side

With the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčremembering the importance of a hardware upgrade for the future iPhone, John Gruber, from Daring Fireball, wrote on the subject, comparing the feeling of an upgrade from a 486 to a Pentium about two decades ago with what we will receive from Apple in the next generation of your smartphone. "Likewise, the CPU for the next iPhone will be 50% faster than the current one," he said.

Let's see: the current processor in Apple's mobile phone has 400MHz clock. Based on Gruber's prediction, a new generation of him would bring a 600MHz one. Leaving aside speculations, the device should evolve in performance as more elaborate applications emerge – especially with the arrival of many complex features in iPhone OS 3.0.

The same applies to memory: nowadays most applications fail in low memory situations, since a significant amount of the iPhone's 128MB RAM is left for the system and its processes. On average, there are about 30 to 40MB left for third-party applications, which makes a memory upgrade something more than necessary. Gruber says the next iPhone will bring double the memory, that is, 256MB. But no one knows whether the system will be twice as heavy …

Finally, storage capacity should also double. Instead of 8GB for a $ 199 model and 16GB for a $ 299 model, we will see 16GB and 32GB models maintaining the same price range as today. One of the things that Gruber didn’t bother to describe was how his design could be, but he comments that the visual changes will be minimal. In addition, it "confirms" rumors of magnetometer and camera with video support, but does not mention anything about an advance in Wi-Fi.

His text ends with several forecasts of what could be released on Schiller's keynote, including a new iPhone, updates for Ma's notebook line, among other parallel issues. Without wanting to criticize what he said, I do not bet much on Apple's next public presentation, since they have been bringing things less than the rumors point out. As I prefer to underestimate for emotion than overestimate for disappointment, I believe the highlights will be just what we have seen from software so far. Masclaro, I always want to be wrong at the last minute.