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Happy Birthday Linux, for its 27 years of joy and achievement

On August 25th, our beloved and beloved Linux celebrates 27 years of existence with many battles, achievements, casualties, but most importantly it has brought freedom of choice to its users, and that's very good.

It runs in Linux communities that the largest open source project in the world has two birthdays, one being celebrated on October 5th and the other on August 25th.

The first date (10/05/1991) was when the first version of Linux Kernel was released, which was an adaptation of Minus Linus Torvalds for its purposes.

Already the second date (25/08/1991) was when Linus Torvalds launched the first operating system based on the Kernel Linux, which in his words was just a hobby, nothing big or professional., The email you can check in the image below.

Some curiosities about Linux

The first finished version of the Linux kernel (0.01) had 10,239 lines;

Linux dominates 100% in the world's top 500 fastest supercomputers;

Currently Linus Torvalds writes less than 1% of the Linux kernel code, which now focuses on managing and helping other devs with their kernel codes;

The hobby of Linus Torvalds at first would be called FreaX (junction of the words free and Unix, but thankfully the young Torvalds accepted the indication of the server owner where he hosted the project and thus moving to Linux (Linus and Unix) as we know it. nowadays.

O Linux used in NASA and ESA space programs for example, also used by other US government agencies such as: Unit States Post Office, the federal courts of justice; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the USNavy Submarine Fleet;

Big tech companies use the penguin system, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Space X, Panasonic, CISCO, Twitter, Dell, IBM, Microsoft (yes, she owns and has one, Azure) among others;

80% of Hollywood uses Linux directly or indirectly, as we mentioned in one article recent blog post. According to the Google, over 2 billion active users using Android (Linux kernel-based system).

Linux dominates the IoT or IoT industry, with Canonical leading this market along with Google.

These are just some of the things we can list about Linux, that if we went all over here on the blog, it took us years (sic). =)

Future of Linux

In this part it will be my opinion, Ricardo, about what I think will happen to Linux in a general scenario of the thing.

First of all I think that tech companies will embrace Linux even more, after recent events like Hollywood and Valve adoption and with that we can see more amazing projects like DxVk, Krita, Steamplay and besides leveraging projects best known, such as WINE, GIMP, Inkscape and Kdenlive for example.

I also believe that some applications like Adobe can come to Linux, thus bringing a good portion of users. And I also believe that sometime Microsoft will release the native Linux version of Office, that would also bring another good portion of users.

Already in the Gamer part, well, I believe that after the Valve bombshell to bring Proton in the light of day to match the games that did not have versions for Linux and thus facilitate for developers this midfield, this will bring another giant portion of users, especially those who use dual boot (Windows + Linux) and were waiting for this opportunity to exit Redmond's operating system.

But this is what I just think and note that it can happen very soon, as I can also break my face and none of that happen lol.

But tell us in the comments how you got to know Linux and how you use it in your daily life, whether on desktop, notebook or mobile.

Until next time and a big hug.

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