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Happy birthday Debian!

Debian, one of the oldest and most active distributions GNU / Linuxcelebrate today 19 years old. The founder of the project Ian Murdock announced the project in August 16, 1993, when he released the first version of the distribution. Looking back, looking at the mailing lists of forums and project discussions, a surprising number of initial goals from Murdock for the project are still reflected in the current documentation of the Debiandespite the fact that the distribution has undergone regular leadership changes since Murdock left the project in 1996.

Users and developers Debian , spread all over the world, are celebrating the anniversary of the distribution. As it has already become a tradition for "Debian Day" many community members have also baked cakes and are in the midst of celebrations.

From the humble beginnings of the first release "Debian GNU / Linux", distribution has grown to become a reference in the ecosystem GNU / Linux and the basis of an uncountable number of derivatives. The distribution went beyond being a case only GNU / Linux, there is alsoDebian GNU / kFreeBSDThat's right, users have the option of running a version of the distribution with a FreeBSD kernel.

19 years of Debian

O Current Leader of the Debian Project, Stefano Zacchiroli has mainly focused on improving the relations of the Debian with its derivative projects (such as the Ubuntu) and is striving for the Debian included in the FSF's list of recommended open source distributions. For these purposes, he has been working in conjunction with derivative projects and has created a strong task that is working with the FSF to make sure that Debian conforms to its guidelines.

Debian is currently in its sixth verse and its verse Debian 7.0 "Wheezy"is waiting to be released on Spring 2013. Debian 6.0 includes about 29,000 packagesdifferent, a number that has continually increased throughout the project.

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