Happy Birthday: A Year of Diolinux

Well, today, April 20th, 2012, the blog Diolinux completes a year of existence, which coincides in a year that I am using Linux daily, was a time of learning and sharing information.

A long year, and full of joys.

I hope I have been able to help the people who use the computer through tips and tutorials, especially the people who use the Linux system on their machines, but not just them.

I would like to say that I am pleased with the results, and I was not expecting my blog to reach this level and this margin of visit, which despite being low compared to larger blogs that come to have millions of visits per day, for my pretenses at the time It is a considerable number.

I created the blog with the intention of storing knowledge, mainly about Ubuntu and Linux which was the system I was migrating to and discovering new things that I thought I needed ready to get used to, so I created this blog, and in I would spend my free time posting the things I learned, duplicating information from other partner blogs, and passing the knowledge on.

I will share with the public now the numbers of this blog:


435 Page views

211 Page views

152 Page views

These were the most visited sessions this past year, with a total of 152168 page views so far.

I want to thank everyone who supports me in this Freedom of Knowledge project (which the blog motto), both sending posts, taking care of the page on Facebook and other social networks, thank you

everyone who participated and commented on the posts, those who favored the blog in their browser.

I always hope to live up to your expectations.

Thank you! Same!