Hangouts wins new web version

Hangouts wins new web version

A few days ago, Google released Hangouts version 4.0 for Android, the new version brought better integration with Google Voice, Material Design and other news. Now it's time for the verse web The messenger win a revamped, entitled to hamburger menu and all! Check out.

hangouts web main
New Hangouts UI. / ANDROIDPIT

To access Hangouts on web s sign in to The page is quite simple and follows the lines of the application: the hamburger menu is in the usual place, the contacts, conversations and phone calls icons are the same; the contact / conversation list and chat window are the same as in Gmail Hangouts. New is la Chromecast wallpaper, photos of famous places or landscapes occupy almost the entire screen.

web chat hangouts
The chat windows remain the same. / ANDROIDPIT

There are no noticeable changes in the way the messenger works, that is, it is still a bit slow, video chatter keeps locking in and the messaging interface seems to come straight from the 90s. However, the positive end result, as Hangouts finally gained a own address. It's also good to see that Google is investing more in the messenger, as Hangouts has been somewhat abandoned in recent months.

hangouts web menu
The side menu also came. / ANDROIDPIT

Ask Hangouts: Liked the new interface web or prefer to use it directly in Gmail?

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